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Debossed Notebooks & Custom Debossing

If you’re looking for a timeless form of notebook branding, a debossed company logo is the way to go. Subtle, tactile and elegant, debossing allows you to effortlessly communicate the quality and handmade nature of the notebook to the user, without going overboard on artwork or other graphical elements.

The debossing process itself involves the use of a metal stamp to create an impression on the surface of a notebook. Applying just the right amount of heat, speed and pressure allows us to achieve perfect results with every print.

At Curious Book Co., we work with high-quality manual presses and ensure that every logo or image is debossed by hand individually, ensuring a beautiful finish for each notebook. We can deboss any image you like, no matter how simple or complex, so don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us.

Want to learn more about one of our most popular forms of notebook branding? Give us a call and let’s chat about it. We want to hear all of your ideas. All of them. So let’s get started.

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